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How to think in english not in your mother language

In common, you often hear people said that: Don't translate from mother language into english
if you translated into english like, you'll get into trouble:

- If you translated it into english , these sentences are incorrect in english. Why? He he , of course. The grammar or structure in english is often different in your native language. Let me give you an example:
  Cái đầm đen này đẹp thiệt , you try to translate it into english : The dress back is beautiful, it's wrong, you must say: The back dress is so beautiful. 
  Nói thì lúc nào chẳng dễ hơn làm, you try to translate it into english : Speaking is always easier than do, ố ồ... again, you get wrong sentence. You should say: said easier than done. 
   You see that, the english sentence is more simple, and it sounds naturally than your translated sentence

- You will take too much time to think and translate when you're in conversation. You often pause, hesitate while you're talking. You can't speak fluently

^_^ But How to think in english without translating???/

You're lucky, cause Antclub going to share you the way to think in english without translating. He he Here we go:

Do it step - by - step process:
First level:  Thinking in single english words

For example: when you listen a song, let think of words like:
      Song, singer, girl band, boy band, music, sing, line, lyrics,......

When you watch TV, or movie, let think of words like:
    Movie, dramma, film, cartoon, action movie, actress, actor, director, camera, Television, Starmovie channel, eposide, season.....

When you meet a people, think of words like:

    Hair, long hair, blond hair, eyes, face, nose, mouse, lip, eyeline, beautiful, pretty, nice, gentle, thin, fat, big, tall, short.....

During the day, try to think of english words whenever you see, hear, or do something and you imagine the meaning in your head when you think of these words. 

2nd level:  Thinking in english sentences

For example, when you listen a song, let think of sentences.

The singer is very beautiful
Im addicted this song
I listen this song over and over
My friend sing this song very well

Or when you're watching movie, think:
The actor is so manly
He has blond hair
He is playing football.....

Try to make habit of thinking in english sentences no matter what that sentence is very simple or complicated
Just practice and develop this habit, you'll achieve at a surprise way.

Level 3:  Thinking in english every time you speak your native language

After level 2, whenever you speak in your mother language, try to think of how to say it in english.
For example:  You're going to hang out with your friends
You may think: How can i get there? What time will we hang out? Where we will go? ...im waitting for them. They're always unpunctual.....
If you don't sure about that sentence is right or wrong, let check it out in dictionary, on Hellochao website, or on google. ^_^, or ask your teacher. 

Even though you are only thinking and not speaking, you still develop your english. If you didnt know how to speak it, check dictionary then practice to speak it in your thinking, and speak it louder. You will develop your speaking skill in any everyday situation fluently and naturally. 

Level 4:  "mental practice"

You do mental practice exercise in your head, or speak it out. Try to telling a story whenever you have time. Example while you're waitting for elevator, you can tell a story in your head, you're only thinking not speaking so that's okay, don't worry about people around you. 
Or when you do exercise you can tell a story in your head in english or speak not only think ^_^


I hope you found this post helpful. If you did, please share it.

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