Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The way to say " other time "- Cách nói để khi khác

G: Hey , This weekend we have a trip to go to Giang Dien rapid, would you wanna join with us?
K: Oh, that sounds great, I'd love to but i can't
G: well, maybe another time

Instead of "another time" you can say:

- ( at ) some time

- ( at ) other time

For example:

- I'll go on another day
- I'll take you to dinner at other time
- Sorry I have to go right now, meet you some other time
- I think it's too late, i will come some other time
- Another time i will take you to expensive restaurant honey,
- I'll will come over to you at other time

In speech, " at " is usually left out

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